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UPDATED: Houston's Top 25 Closed Music Venues

UPDATED (Tuesday, 5 p.m.) to correct an error in the Club Hey Hey item.

Before we go any further, this isn't over. Houston fancies itself as forever moving forward, a "city of the future," but in a relatively short time span -- the past 40, maybe 50 years -- it's managed to rack up an impressive number of live-music stages that have come and gone, and left quite a lasting impression.

So, when Rocks Off's Nathan Smith recently suggested a list of Houston's top bygone music venues, the names just kept coming. And coming. They're still coming. Soon enough the standard ten became 20, which easily became 25. And that was before we mentioned this idea on our Facebook page, and our readers kept giving us name after name.

So yes, there will be a Part 2. Again, we welcome your suggestions. Let's go for 50.