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Straight Edge: Six Songs That Celebrate Sobriety

Go to any live-music event and there will be signs of drug use of some sort in the crowd. Even sitting among the well-heeled gentry of the opera, there's bound to be one guy who smoked a fatty in his Mercedes before the first aria. Even if you can't locate him (clue: he smells fantastic), you'll find several who ordered at least a scotch or martini at their pre-show dinner, that's for damn sure.

Across town at a house show, you're more likely to see 40-ounce, brown-bagged bottles of 211 than a good, 21-year-old single malt. Nevertheless, these kids and their Bocelli-loving brethren share a common bond: they enjoy getting tight before the music starts. Drinkin' and druggin' are as inherent to music as notes and chords, it would seem.