Rap Goes To College: 5 More Possible Hip-Hop Professors

Rice University just got a lot more... trill.

Never thought you'd hear those words in the same sentence? Yeah, us too.

But as reports, you just might be seeing a lot more "Diamonds and Wood" and "Front, Back & Side to Side" in the Rice University parking lot. That's because Bun B will be teaching a course at Rice University, reports the Web site: "The class is registered as a Hip-Hop and religion course and will begin next spring."

We know what you're thinking, unsigned-rapper universe: "Back to school!" Not so fast. Try passing your demo and class adjourned.

"If they're coming into the course specifically to give me a demo...that's a wrap on the first day," Bun said.

Texas public schools continue to ignore it, but some of the nation's most prestigious universities are using hip-hop to liven up the learning experience, so take notes. Get your mind right, because it is a terrible thing to waste.

Bun's latest career move got Rocks Off thinking, "What if this becomes a national trend in academia?" What if some of the top universities in the country begin to follow suit and start rapping their curriculum, instead of lecturing it?

The press releases could look a lot like this.

Yale Taps Rapper Trae to Teach Law Course

"Yale, whose law school is ranked by as the best in the country, has tapped Houston rapper Trae to teach a course on suing large corporate conglomerates for reputation damage, mental suffering, performance revenue and royalties. Trae's extensive experience with this type of lawsuit stems from his own battle with Radio One property 97.9 The Box for banning his music and any advertisements associated with the hip-hop artist..."