At 4:20 On 4/20, Music's Biggest Burnouts

You should all know what today is. Today is the day pot-smoking amateurs giggle to one another about how high they're going to be all day, while the real potheads simply wait with stoic stoner patience for the magic hour to roll around. Yeah, you'll know the real burnouts when you see them.

Not the goofy college kids, laughing and running around on the Frisbee golf course, blaring M.I.A. from a radio cooler. No, see that 50-year-old art professor with the salt and pepper beard, quietly walking home from the convenience store with sacks full of different kinds of cereal? There you go. That guy's almost as burnt out as...

Cypress Hill: Come on, would Cypress Hill even exist if there was no such thing as marijuana? They'd have maybe five songs about killing people, that one song from the Training Day trailers, and then what? They've been on the cover of High Times Magazine more than Julia Roberts has been on the cover of People. Their appearance on The Simpsons even references their beloved hobby, as you can see here, presented in authentic stoner lo-fi quality, and also in Spanish.