Aftermath: Buxton, Wild Moccasins and Ghost Mountain at Mango's

Another day, another beer, another night of balancing on the bar at a jam-packed Mango's. But no complaints will be heard from this direction - Saturday's show was too good for any negativity.

Starting out with newer dance music influenced by electro and French house, duo Ghost Mountain, set a tone of excellence early on. The duo's inexperience doesn't come across onstage. Opening with "Good Heart," these two young men took off in the best way, ordering each song perfectly. This was a set meant to be danced to, which unfortunately didn't happen - it's hard to dance when you can barely move - but Ghost Mountain's effort and talent will no doubt earn them an encore in the near future.

Next came Wild Moccasins - a risky move on headliner Buxton's part in picking a band equally as talented and as popular; this could've been an upstaging of epic proportions. Fresh off the Moccasins' tour, the five-piece sounded sharper and more precise on a set consisting primarily of crowd favorites ("Spanish and Jazz," "Mailman," "Fruit Tea") and newer songs "Cake" and "Late Night Television." The road can either make or break a band, never moreso than its first real tour, and it sounds like the Moccasins passed the test.

Finally, Buxton came out to the sounds of cheers. The thing that makes seeing Buxton - and Saturday's other bands performing - so great is that they're all obviously having fun when they're up onstage. After paying cover, fans needn't worry about being chastised for speaking during a set (we're still a little bitter about the Jenny Lewis incident) or that their hard-earned money is going to an overworked rock star who'd much rather be sitting at home then playing just "one more song" for you.

When Buxton took the stage, these boys played with the professionalism, yes, but also looked and joked like they were still teenagers jamming in their parents garage. It made for a delightfully entertaining set and even better night.