Last Night: Kickback Sunday At Club L.A.X.

SF2 Kickback Sunday Club L.A.X. January 30, 2011

8:10 p.m.: Since we last checked in with SF2's Kickback Sunday event, it has grown a bit. They've picked up a sponsor or two, signed up GT Mayne and Rapid Ric to be a part of it, and are putting together larger and larger prize packages (CD artwork, mastering, etc).

Matter of fact, it's grown so much these past few weeks that KBS now requires residency in a proper venue. The initial test run - Sunday was their first away game - was held at Club LAX, way up on F.M. 1960.

8:12: Killa Kyleon is just getting up onstage to do a guest performance set. He touches on that song about quitting a girl in the morning before grabbing the evening air by the throat with his redo of Lil' Wayne's "Bill Gates" track. That song is tough stuff. Did anybody else notice that he flipped his hat backwards right before he went bonkers? He's like a black Lincoln Hawk.

8:12:04: Yes, that's an Over the Top reference for you. Step your semi-obscure Sylvester Stallone movies game up, bitches.

8:12:30: Halfway into the song, Killa Kyleon just stops rapping. His explanation: "I ain't gonna lie. I don't know all of that motherfucker." Funny. Killa Kyleon is not about excuses, it appears.

8:19: Delo pops up on stage for a quick acapella rap. That guy has never not at least been interesting. Looking forward to a proper Delo concert soon.

8:24: Doughbeezy is here soaking in the accolades. He, along with The Monster (KAB), have really put their stamp on this event the past few weeks.

8:48: Ah, speak of the monster and he shall appear. KAB is now here soaking in the accolades as well.

8:50: As mentioned, GT Mayne is hosting the event tonight. He's a smallish guy, maybe 5'7", 140 or so pounds. He has on a short-sleeve button-up shirt and everyday jeans. A pair of glasses rests comfortably on his nose and a scruffy beard dangles from his chin. All of this may be an attempt at looking reserved and approachable, but mostly it just makes it look like he has really strong beliefs about apartheid. You have to like that guy.

8:50:04: GT's new song, by the way, is very good. Google it.

8:52: Okay, so we're at a proper battle point in the show now. Doughbeezy, Q Man (we think), Overdose and HoodStar Chantz are the contestants. Doughbeezy and Overdose are the first up. This is the first time tonight the crowd has seemed actively engaged in the show. Let's see what's what.

8:54: Oh shit. Beezy snapped, making jokes about using Overdose's cell phone to film a movie of himself having sex with Dose's girlfriend and then saying he's changing his name to DDT because he's "doing the damn thing." Poor Overdose hasn't even gone yet but he's already lost.

Q Man, who somehow manages to make Lil Boosie sound like James Earl Jones, wasn't very impressive during his performance but absolutely goes yo-yo when he goes in against HS Chantz in the other first-round battle. The crowd is amped up. People are screaming at the stage, Killa Kyleon is making his "Holy Shit, Did he Just Say That?" face, and general glee abounds. This right here, the feeling that's filling up all of the empty space inside L.A.X.'s megamansion, is why everyone has fallen in love with this event.

Chantz, not to be outdone, gets after it himself, winning the crowd over when he mentions how it costs to be the boss, then turns and shouts at Q, "SO TELL ME WHAT MY BILL IS!" Tough, tough stuff.