ReFried Rice: In the Hot Seat with Larry Meeker from The Snake Charmers

What bands are you checking out today?
I came to play the gig or get my ass kicked. The Ton Tons. Flying Fish Sailors... (Uh. they aren't playing.) 

Who are your HPMA picks?
Best Bassit I believe is not on here. It's our Best Bassist, Will Bloomingtrim. Jack Schulz of Sean Reefer. That's the thing, musicians are the worst about telling other musicians what's going on. We suck at not being competitive. 

What are you listening to right now?
I've been having a crisis period. Blind Lemon Jefferson.
What I think is really interesting is if you record yourself on an old piece of crap it tells you hoe much you are missing when you're playing it. 

What has your band up to lately?
We released our album in January called Been Gone Too Long. Working on stuff for the next album. Taking the rest of July and early part of August off.