Hey, The Kids Like It

10 Awesome '90s Boy Bands You Probably Forgot Existed

The '90's produced the best stuff known to man. I mean, who doesn't wax nostalgic over Girbaud jeans, color-blocked windbreakers, and old episodes of Saved By the Bell? That shit was so awesome.

You know who else thinks '90's nostalgia is awesome? The boys -- rather, real live men -- from the late-'90s boy band 98 Degrees. You know, the one with Nick Lachey, the guy who was once married to Jessica Simpson?

Yeah, those dudes. They've reunited, are on tour and belting out those old hits like "I Do" and "Invisible Man." Oh, and they are even assaulting us with a new album. You can thank New Kids On The Block for this entire situation, since they're touring with 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men. That tour, dubbed "The Package," pulls into Toyota Center June 27.

I'd nearly forgotten that 98 Degrees existed before they rose like a phoenix from the boy-band ashes, ready to conquer the music scene with this midlife crisis of a reunion, and that got me thinkin'. If I'd so easily forgotten about good ol' Nick Lachey and company, what other boy bands were out there that are planning their comeback attacks?

Well, I've made a list. Here are the Top 10 '90s bands you probably forgot existed. And yes, dorky photos are most definitely included.

10, Another Level These fellas are the ones that brought you that oh-so-classy little ditty entitled "Freak Me." You probably remember it; it played at every school dance during that time, despite the creepy lyrics about licking. Yes, licking. Oh, how I miss awkward middle-school slow dancing.

9. Guys Next Door These guys had not only a record deal and a crazy fan base, but also a show on NBC on Saturday mornings. '91 was a good year for teen girls, I guess. They brought their one well-known hit, "I've Been Waiting For You," and a lot of kitschy memorabilia. Today, despite the Guys' relative obscurity, they still have a pretty dedicated fanbase because, well, people are crazy.

8. No Mercy I personally had no idea that these were the dudes that busted out hits like "Where Do You Go" and "Please Don't Go." They are, though, and they've forever changed the atmosphere in many a nightclub over the years. They also covered Exile's hit, "Kiss You All Over," because the world needed songs like that to multiply like Gremlins.