Music Memories From the Astrodome's Birthday Celebration

In the waning moments of a special night celebrating the Astrodome's 50th anniversary, a young man sitting at the MetroRail station on Fannin gazed in awe at photos he'd just taken of the "Eighth Wonder" on his smartphone.

The way he looked at the pictures of the fading giant -- which he'd just entered for the first time in more than a dozen years -- recalled that old Billy Joel song. The one that goes, "leave a tender moment alone."

But, of course, we were there to talk all things Astrodome, so we asked about his experience. The thing that seemed to move him most was how many of the more than 25,000 souls who came to tour Harris County's most famous haunt for its "birthday celebration" were moved to tears.

We pondered why just standing on the Dome's floor would bring on the waterworks, but only for the briefest of moments. Returning to the scene of so many special times, many of those being music-oriented, how could one not get emotional?