Food Trucks

The Crave-Worthy, Customizable Ice Cream Sandwiches at Smoosh Food Truck

food truck is doing a good job serving the public for two reasons.

First, it is providing a most-welcome return to the original meaning of the word "smoosh", following the development of a most-unfortunate second definition thanks to that cultural blight that was MTV's The Jersey Shore.

Second, it offers a diverse selection of fresh baked goods, ice cream flavors and toppings, all of which can be combined to make ice cream sandwiches and sundaes tailored to individual tastes.

Of course, people can get standard chocolate chip with vanilla, but why would they when sugar, peanut butter and oatmeal cookies plus Belgian waffles (Wednesdays only) and churros (Fridays only) are also available to buttress those over-sized scoops of ice cream? The ice cream comes in chocolate, butter pecan, mint chocolate chip, strawberry, peanut butter brownie and no-sugar-added country apple flavors. 

With additional topping options including but not limited to: Oreo cookies, graham cracker crumbs, M&Ms, peanuts, strawberry jam and whipped cream, visitors to the truck can create some funky-fabulous ice cream sandwiches. Here are some suggestions.

For a refreshing tropical treat, try sugar cookies and mint chocolate chip ice cream with a heavy dusting of coconut flakes. Those hankering nutty sweetness, cocoa and some pork fat should consider pairing chocolate chip cookies with butter pecan and bacon. 

Starting in September, an oatmeal cookie with country apple ice cream dredged in maple will get people in the autumnal spirit—despite the fact that in Houston it's still flip-flops season.

Finally there's also the Not-So-Hypoallergenic (our name) peanut butter cookies with peanut butter brownie brownie ice cream, and chopped peanuts. Spoonable and sippable treats can also be had in the form of Smoosh's cookie sundaes and shakes, respectively.

Smoosh is regularly stationed most days in Rice Village; check their schedule for specifics.