Sid Miller Calls Hillary Clinton a Certain C-word on Twitter

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller has truly outdone himself this time with a tweet that called Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton the c-word.

On Tuesday, Miller was riding high and enjoying the delights of being Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's man in Texas, out on the campaign trail stumping for the Donald with the unmitigated joy that could only likely be mustered by one who shares something of the "wild card" feel of Trump.

Miller — or someone from his campaign — has also been doing a whole bunch of tweeting and retweeting in support of Trump, sharing his thoughts on Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton (spoiler alert: Not only is Miller not a fan, he intensely does not like her) and crowing over any and every poll that shows Trump with what even approaches a lead over Clinton.

And then, Miller's account, @MillerforTexas, turned his Twitterblasting of Clinton up to eleven with the following gem:

When the tweet first went out, Texas Agriculture spokesman Mark Loeffler stated the missive was evidence that Miller had been hacked, obviously by people intent on making Miller, and thus Trump, look bad, according to the Dallas Morning News.

Miller's account also issued a tweet stating the account had been hacked, a pretty laughable explanation considering Miller's account has been spewing the same type of tweets for more than 24 hours, albeit minus that one particular word actually being used. (Reading the tweets, it's arguable that the sentiment expressed in this one controversial tweet was also there to be read between the lines in his previous social media statements, but we digress.)

Anyway, the hacker story didn't hold up for long. Miller told reporters it was a staffer's fault, claiming a staff member retweeted the tweet without reading it enough to notice the substitution of that one key word where Clinton's name should have been.

This excuse of an overeager staffer hitting retweet without reading might hold more water if it weren't for the fact that what is most likely the original tweet that Miller's tweet was based on reads as follows:
And the Miller tweet reads exactly like the one above and was posted just four minutes later, albeit with light editing that lopped off the hashtag and adds the phrase "Go Trump Go" at the bottom. Meaning, whoever tweeted it from Miller's account either knew what he or she was tweeting, or really wasn't paying attention.

This isn't Miller's first social media gaffe by any stretch of the imagination. In August 2015 he shared a photo on Facebook of an atomic bomb going off that suggested the "Muslim world" should meet the same fate. In that instance, too, the photo was deleted in the midst of a firestorm of controversy. Miller blamed that screw-up on a staffer as well.

He vowed his social media would carefully and thoughtfully be vetted to only reflect his own personal views from then on out, but it seems he's only responsible for what goes up on social media in his name when it isn't advocating genocide or, you know, calling the first female major party presidential candidate in the nation's history a vulgar name on a very public site.

This time around, Miller's campaign is sticking to the retweeting excuse, without acknowledging that it's not as much of a retweet when it's, well, been edited.

But he's getting soundly chewed out for it.

“Commissioner, you’re an embarrassment to Texas families and our great state. We wish you had a shred of dignity left. No apology is necessary, we all know it would not be sincere anyways. I’ll pray for you," Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Crystal Perkins stated in a release issued Tuesday afternoon.

And he's getting it from his own party as well. Gov. Greg Abbott stepped up and denounced Miller. "The language is reprehensible and it is an embarrassment," Abbott stated. "No true Texas gentleman would ever talk this way."

Well, until recently we all thought no actual presidential candidate would talk this way either, but we know we were wrong on that one.