Ten Things to Do in Houston for $10 or Less (Eight Free) December 22-28

The December weather has been consistently inconsistent, which is to be expected unfortunately. The upside of the fluctuations is that it at least allows for residents to come out of hibernation once a week and get some fresh air -before the polar vortex decides to rear its ugly face again and push us back into our dens. The window is presenting itself this week so you can get out there and play a game of bingo on the patio, take a lit Christmas stroll to nurture your holiday spirit and view a menorah lighting that's too beautiful to keep indoors.  Keep reading for ten of our favorite events that won't cost you more then $10- and eight of them are free! Check out the Houston Press Calendar for even more things to do.

Bingo on the Porch
Ouisie's Table and Restaurant
5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Thursday, Free
Horizontal, vertical, diagonal, four corners even wins the game for you if you were playing loteria. The odds of winning bingo at Ouisie's are definitely in your favor.  Included with your first drink order is your pad and bingo marker so that you're equipped for the best bingo showdown on this side of the loop. To add to the competitive ambiance Ouisie's will also be serving a specialty drink and light bites so that your hands do not miss a B or an I or an N or any of the winning numbers you need to shout Bingo!

Elf Movie Night
Eureka Heights Brewing Company
7 p.m. Thursday, Free
Did you ever see that one movie where Will Ferrell is obnoxiously hilarious as an immature imbecile? More specifically the one where he starts singing horribly funny? Even more specific the one where he's an elf? That's the one, Elf! This new Christmas classic will be screened and hosted this Thursday by Eureka Heights Brewing Company. B.Y.O.Food is an option, but B.Y.O.Money is also recommended since Skratch food truck will be on site serving warm favorites to go along with the Eureka brew of your choice.

A Very Wonky Christmas
White Oak Music Hall
8 p.m. Friday, $10
It's the eve before Christmas Eve and you need an idea for the date that you're not ready to introduce to the family yet. Take them out for a full DJ set from Houston Press regular Gio Chamba and a performance by Houston favorite George West. Admission is only $10 leaving plenty of room for you to splurge on your tried and true taco truck at the end of the night.

Santa's Naughty List- 30 Tap Takeover!
7 p.m. Friday, Free
Think wisely and pick your poison. You'll have 30 to choose from so your first choice doesn't need to be your only choice. IPAs, dark, light, infused, limited edition they'll all be there to take you down memory lane in case you missed some on arrival. And don't worry Uber will be in full swing so you can take advantage of every mouthwatering drop and sill make it home in one piece. Mind your manners and tip your bartender while you're there too.

Downtown Holiday Lamp Post Stroll
City of Tomball
6 to 11:50 p.m. Saturday, Free
This visit to Santa doesn't require sitting on his lap and proving you behaved all year, instead go for a walk with him through the lit and decorated lamp posts of downtown Tomball. See what this out-of-the-loop gem has hidden within while taking in the nostalgic scenes of the season and picking up a warm beverage along the way.