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Paul Wall, Baby Bash Arrested on Felony Pot Charges

On the slowest of news days, Paul Wall and Baby Bash somehow made the top of it. But not for the reasons you'd normally expect.

The rappers, both of whom are pretty much ingrained in Texas hip-hop, found themselves in an awkward position early this morning. According to various Houston media outlets, about 12:15 a.m Friday, the Houston Police Department conducted a narcotics warrant on the Paradise Smoke Shop on Yale, where both Wall and Bash were allegedly inside. Soon cops placed everyone in handcuffs, including the People's Champ and the "Sugar Sugar" star.

KTRK reported that Wall, 35, and Bash, 47, were charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, a felony-level offense. However, anyone who knows either man will tell you "manufacturing and delivering" is something neither one is involved in. Within hours, both had posted their $20,000 bond.

KTRK added that court documents said Wall was found with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient in cannabis. We attempted to reach out to Wall's manager, Gu, but so far have yet to get a response, though he lashed out about the case on Twitter. "Y'all wasted tax payers dollar (sic)... tell the truth," he wrote. Not long after he followed up, accusing the media of looking to find guilt rather than explore the case itself.

"Next time you wanna Paul wall interview don't ask me," he said. "Go ask channel 13, 26, 11, 2, TMZ, etc., since you posting what they saying."

Hours after being bonded out, Baby Bash laughed at the arrest as well. "Got caught up with a lil weed biggie," he tweeted. "Lol #cannabiscommunity." (The tweet was later deleted.) Soon a link hit the Net for a song called "Legalize" between Bash, Wall and Dat Boi T, either as a way to capitalize on the news or to scoff at the notion of such a flimsy arrest.

Wall's publicist and attorney have both vehemently denied the charges levied against their client. If anything, Friday morning may have created a large misunderstanding for all parties involved.

It's unclear what charges have been levied against the other eight individuals charged in connection with the case. The People's Champ, however, is free. And more than likely may not have a case on his hands.

Note: This article has been modified after publication to correct the location of the arrest.