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A Recap of All the Lawsuits Since the Deaths of Anna Nicole Smith and Her Husband

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This week, the probate judge overseeing the decade-long civil case between feuding in-laws begged to be taken off the case, and ultimately recused  himself. (He told them, "I don't want to deal with you people anymore."

Since oil magnate J. Howard Marshall died a year after he married Smith, the Houston-born model and former Playboy playmate six decades his junior, his billion-dollar estate has been fought over. Here are some of the stories we have written over the years about the litigious Marshalls and even the family of Smith.

Judge Begs Family of Anna Nicole Smith's Husband to Let Him Quit Case
Anna Nicole Smith, the big blond with the enormous breasts, has been dead for a decade. Her 90-year-old oil billionaire husband of 14 months, J. Howard Marshall II, has been ashes for more than 20 years. (She never picked up the urn.) But the fight over Marshall's estate is still going strong.

In fact, it's been dragging on for so long that it finally caused Probate Judge Mike Wood, a man who has overseen family quarrels severe enough to turn litigious for decades, to say he's done.

Anna Nicole Smith: The U.S. Supreme Court Decides to Get Involved
The Anna Nicole Smith litigation, which seemingly has gone on as long as her career did, is not over yet. The U.S. Supreme Court, of all people, has decided to wade into the case and rule on whether a Houston jury made the right decision when it kept Smith from getting her hands on J. Howard Marshall's money.
The sometimes sad, sometimes heroically comic tale of the Mexia funtime gal goes on.
Flirting with Disaster
Chicken-shack waitress. Single mom. Playboy centerfold. Heiress. Walking coma. These are just a few of the terms people have used to describe the enigma that is Anna Nicole Smith. Once a curvy throwback to the days of Monroe, Mansfield and Ekberg, she's now a bloated, slurred, frighteningly gaudy emblem of dubiousness. It's a story that is nothing short of pathetic, and therefore it's funny. So who better to have her own reality show?

Charles LeBlanc
Larger Than Life
Until about five years ago, there lived in this town at least one grasping old man with an enormous appetite for pretty young women. His name was J. Howard Marshall II, and for many years, he lived respectably, doing something dull with oil. At last, he diversified his interests. He is chiefly remembered today as a most astounding old lecher.

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Anna Nicole Smith’s Mom Files Suit Against Howard K. Stern, CBS Studios and KPRC Houston
It’s been quite a while since Anna Nicole Smith’s name was last mentioned in the news, but once again the former Playboy centerfold and reality TV show star is front and center, thanks to a lawsuit filed by her mother in Harris County.