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Man Dies in High-Speed Katy Police Chase Over Expired Registration Sticker

Meagan Flynn
Apparently having an expired inspection and registration sticker on your car is no small offense out in the residential neighborhoods of Katy, Texas.

On Sunday afternoon, a man died during a high-speed police chase after a Harris County sheriff's deputy attempted to pull him over for having the expired tags, the Houston Chronicle reported. The 30-year-old driver of a Honda Civic would not pull over.

Speeds were reportedly upwards of 90 miles an hour through a neighborhood where kids were playing and the chase lasted for three miles.  The driver ended up smashing into a telephone pole, then hurtling back into the street and crashing into a tree in the median.

Sergeant James Cabrera told the Chronicle that the deputy pursuing this person had just radioed his supervisor for permission to continue the chase just as the man was ejected through the windshield.

Remember to get those tags renewed this weekend if you need to.