The Houston Press Mixtape: Adios, Harvey Edition

With Harvey on its way out, UH athletics try to help.
Photo by Jack Gorman
With Harvey on its way out, UH athletics try to help.
Don't lie to yourself — Harvey has left you unsteady on your feet. Even if you made it out alive, even if your house didn't flood, even if your car is dry as a bone and you spent the storm stuffing your face with hurricane jerky and fudge from Buc-ee's, you're probably not doing great. A gray cloud in the sky puts you on edge, as does the whir of helicopter blades. You haven't gotten anything done at work, and you're worried that someone will finally notice. When you heard the bell from your local paletero, you cried a little bit. Things just don't feel right, no matter how many toothbrushes and gallons of bleach you donate, no matter how much drywall you gut, and no matter how many times you tweet #HoustonStrong.

That's trauma, y'all. We're all digging through it, but it's important to remember that we're not digging through it alone. To help you get through our slow trudge back to normalcy, we've made you an extra-special mixtape this month, made up of 100 percent local artists who will be performing during the month of September. There's the moody melodipop of A Sundae Drive (September 15, Walter's Downtown), the exuberant club beats of Imani Scott (September 17, India House) and the sonorous drawl of Moses Rangel (September 29, Fort Bend County Fair). Even Z-Ro is coming out of retirement for you (September 17, Warehouse Live), producing the Harvey-inspired track "Houston 2Gether" just days after the storm.

We know you need this music, but don't forget, Houston musicians need you too. Many of them live by a shoestring as it is, and a flooded car or a few days’ missed wages can have a severe impact on their ability to perform. So go out and see their shows. And if you're a musician who has been adversely affected by the storm, get in touch with [email protected]. We'll work hard to promote your music to get you back on your feet.