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Can Fresno Small Businesses Benefit from using YouTube

When it comes to Fresno, small businesses thrive in local spaces and there is a fantastic community spirit when it comes to offering the right goods and services both physically and online. It is one of the few American cities that has been able to maintain a lucrative environment for commerce, but as we enter 2024, there is some significant potential to be had by those that further diversify their reach.

Why should Fresno small businesses be using YouTube?

Something that Fresno small businesses are likely to know better than most is building a sense of community, and in 2023, online consumers have really been feeling the need for this type of approach over shopping with large-chain brands. If you consider the way that you interact with customers in a physical sense and apply this to online efforts, you will likely see an increase in engagement over competitors that maintain a more professional presence. This means that offering videos is becoming a key part of marketing - and promoting goods and services in a more personable manner via social media is taking the lead.

YouTube in particular has the unique ability to get brand messages across to consumers fast and content can range from long videos that talk about the materials or ingredients used in products or even short clips that showcase new launches or inform about events. The great news is that smaller chunks of footage can be taken and shared elsewhere too, so the options are almost endless. The YouTube video editor that CapCut offers uses the latest in AI technology, so those wanting to create content for this platform will be able to do so with ease, as well as frequently so they never miss a trend and lose out on engagement.

This isn’t all CapCut can do either - as it has a host of both video and photo editing tools to meet a vast array of needs. One of the biggest concerns for small businesses is undoubtedly cost and resources, but the great news is that every tool on the CapCut platform is free, can be used with or without registration, and has the latest AI algorithms that work intuitively, so you won’t need any experience. It is advisable to set up an account however, if you want to use it often and store your work on the proprietary cloud software. An added benefit is that everything functions in a matter of seconds, so there’s also almost no downtime.

Users won’t even need to invest in expensive cameras and equipment to create professional-quality content, as tools like the video stabilizer work to minimize blur and movement distortion, so a mobile phone will do just fine.

What will happen to Fresno businesses that don't use YouTube in 2024?

There aren't likely to be any significant negative impacts from not using YouTube, but as the benefits are both wide and varied, having it as an integral part of your marketing arsenal will certainly help you reach your goals and give yourself an edge over the competition.

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