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What Sets Dr. Ketam Hamdan Apart from Other Leading Mental Health Influencers?

The advances in neuroscience have dramatically affected people’s understanding of what occurs in therapy. Dr. Ketam Hamdan is a licensed trauma therapist who uses lots of brain science to help people understand mental health challenges and how imbalance in the brain can often result in harmful psychological patterns. She refers to herself as the Brain Health Doc as she believes using the phrase “brain” health instead of “mental” health helps affirm these disorders are valid and not just symptoms in one’s head.

Neuroscientific research is now telling us that the brain is quite plastic. The brain you were born with is actually modified by your experiences throughout your life. Your brain is changing all the time. Dr. Hamdan teaches her client this and educates her clients on the importance of connecting the three neural pathways of the head, heart, and body for true wellbeing and happiness. Her belief is that most people have unresolved wounds that cause brain dysregulation and the body stores the unprocessed negative emotions. As a result, most people live life from the neck up, using the thinking brain and become cut off from the body where the house of pain and hurt is. Through self-introspection and self-awareness, and some brain maps she guides clients on a variety of healing modalities to address blind spots and mental health challenges that compromises living a quality, fulfilling life.

Dr. Hamdan is a Ph.D. in Psychology and founder of Brain Health Center, where she has the privilege of helping patients lead happier lives as a licensed therapist, educator and speaker. She has also trained leaders and professionals in transformation development. She is also co-founder and Managing Director of Annisa’s Mental Health, a non-profit organization that works with minority women in crisis. Her ultimate passion is to guide her clients and mentees by taking their hands and leading them on a profound inner journey of self-mastery, trauma development, brain science, and nervous system regulation.

Dr. Hamdan's passion took her to explore social media, and she recognized its potential to spread her message on a much broader scale. She has recently entered the self-development influencer industry and emerged as one of the top experts on mental health healing. Her content on social media platforms is unparalleled, and her page offers an abundance of impactful content that is truly life-changing.

Her ability to synthesize complex subjects such as business, leadership, brain science, psychology, religion, and eastern wisdom and integrate them into something meaningful is unparalleled. She is often praised for her ability to articulate complex subjects in a simple manner and for inspiring others to grow.

Dr. Hamdan’s bold demeanor is typical of a white girl with brains but with eastern wisdom and spiritual depth, making her a rare combination. The variety of both her academic learnings and professional experiences compliment her spiritual depth and insights that work. Anything that she works on with a client, she has done it herself. She is a firm believer in practicing as you preach.

Dr. Hamdan’s years of consulting experience and working alongside highly accomplished men in the business world have helped her become confident in discussing mental health topics in such a manner that it is taken seriously. She integrates many disciplines together to elevate the self-growth process and does not rely on traditional therapy modalities for healing because she finds them limiting on their own. Her unique ability to inspire lives she touches and helps people elevate their mindset sets her apart from others. Dr. Hamdan is the ultimate guide for people to aim higher and lead a life serving a higher purpose.

Dr. Hamdan is truly a gifted person working endlessly to better the community. You can check out the brain doctor’s life-changing content on Instagram: @brainhealthdoc.

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