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Big Fish

For all of its inspired side trips down Imagination Lane, Tim Burton's latest is ultimately about the relationship between a son about to become a father and a father about to become a ghost. The movie is being marketed as one more Tim Burton fantasia, with its luminescent teaser-trailer images of shaggy giants and sideshow attractions. And, like other smaller wonders in the Burton filmography, Big Fish features as its protagonist an incorrigible, inscrutable man who could exist only in fairy tales -- in this case, the young Edward, played by a Southern-fried Ewan McGregor with the wide, wet eyes of the truly innocent and adventurous. Big Fish could have been made by no one else, which makes the scenes between the older Edward (Albert Finney, confined to several deathbeds) and his son Will (Billy Crudup) -- a journalist seeking just the facts from a father prone to spectacular fictions -- almost revelatory. For the first time, Burton seems comfortable walking around in the real world.


  • Tim Burton


  • Ewan McGregor
  • Albert Finney
  • Billy Crudup
  • Jessica Lange
  • Danny DeVito


  • John August
  • Daniel Wallace


  • Richard D Zanuck
  • Dan Jinks
  • Bruce Cohen

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