Bleeding Heart

A gorgeous, taut yoga instructor whose internal dialogue runs along the lines of "We have the ability every day to choose peace within every posture, every breath and every moment of our lives," May (Jessica Biel) has never experienced real peace because she's always felt a part of her was missing. The void is filled after a private detective locates her younger sister, Shiva (Zosia Mamet.)

Their birth mother gave May up for adoption ten years before having Shiva, and never to Shiva mentioned the older girl. Their brief, adult sisterly bliss is shattered by Shiva's physically abusive pimp-boyfriend, who has all but drained her of self-esteem. Before you can say "Julia Roberts Jennifer Lopez Ashley Judd," May is plotting to save her sister from the psycho-male villain, and possibly violate some of her pristine principles to do so. Writer-director Diane Bell elevates what is basically a throwback Lifetime movie by pulling fine performances from her cast, with Joe Anderson doing a lot of the heavy lifting. As the violent boyfriend Cody, he brings a crackling menace to his scenes; he's terrifying even as you see why someone who's been psychologically gutted would be drawn to his brutal brand of sexiness.


  • Diane Bell


  • Zosia Mamet
  • Jessica Biel
  • Joe Anderson
  • Kate Burton
  • Edi Gathegi
  • Exie Booker
  • Kat Purgal
  • Sherina Mikasa


  • Diane Bell

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