Blood Brother

R&B singer Trey Songz must want to prove he's more than just a brotha who sings about stealing your girl and making "love faces" with her. Why else would he star in Blood Brother, a so-called crime thriller where his character -- and everyone else involved in the damn mess — make choice after choice that make absolutely no sense whatsoever?

Songz is Sonny, a former teen thug-turned-cop. Living the straight-and-narrow way doesn't sit well with his just out of jail best friend Jake (Jack Kesy, looking like a Great Value Channing Tatum). He and Sonny once took the spoils from a corpse-ridden, armored-truck shootout and Jake went to prison for it. So -- big surprise! -- Jake still holds a grudge about it. So, what does he do? Oh, he just goes batshit and starts killing and terrorizing people, including those in Sonny's life.

I'll be straight with you: This movie is awful. And not the fascinating, Alexander Nevsky (the action star-filmmaker, not the 13th century prince) kind of awful -- it's the does-anybody-involved-know-what-the-hell-they're-doing kind of awful. The script doesn't even attempt to be coherent and, despite trying to come off as badasses, Songz and Kesy play characters who are wholly incompetent when it comes to planning.

If you want a way better movie about a black man trying not to let his white pal lead him down the road to ruin, may I suggest streaming Blindspotting? And Trigga -- get your ass back in the studio and start making panty droppers again!


  • John Pogue


  • Tremaine "Trey Songz" Neverson
  • Jack Kesy
  • China Anne McClain
  • Hassan Johnson
  • J.D. Williams


  • Michael Finch
  • Karl Gajdusek

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