Dead Man's Hand

Dead Man's Hand

Gunslinger Reno (Jack Kilmer, The Nice Guys) is headed west for a quiet life with his new bride. But when their stagecoach is ambushed, he kills an outlaw in self-defense. In a nearby town, Reno learns that the man he slayed is the brother of the corrupt mayor, Bishop (Stephen Dorff, Blade), who vows revenge. After their card game turns into a bloody shootout, who will be left standing? Cole Hauser (“Yellowstone”) appears as a U.S. Marshal who becomes Reno’s ally in this pulse-pounding Western.

- Synopsis provided by Fabric Origin


  • Brian Skiba


  • Stephen Dorff
  • Jack Kilmer
  • Cole Hauser
  • Tait Fletcher
  • Forrie J. Smith
  • Mo Brings Plenty
  • William McNamara
  • Costas Mandylor


  • Brian Skiba
  • Corin Nemec
  • Kevin Minor
  • Matthew Minor


  • Alan B. Bursteen
  • Ali Jazayeri
  • Barry Brooker
  • Brian Skiba
  • David Gendron
  • Dawn Bursteen
  • Jim Burleson
  • John Bails
  • Kirk Shaw
  • Laurie Love
  • Louise Linton
  • Matthew Minor
  • Randall Batinkoff
  • Rick Morse
  • Stan Wertlieb
  • Suraj Gohill
  • Terri Gilboy
  • Viviana Zarragoitia

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