Frank & Penelope

Frank & Penelope

While on the run from the law, Frank and his stripper girlfriend, Penelope, find themselves miles from civilization while traveling along a deserted stretch of dirt road. As darkness falls, they come upon a small motel and diner and decide to rest for the night. The next day, after robbing the diner, they suddenly become immersed in a hellish nightmare, When the proprietor of the motel and diner, Chisos, a psychotic, cannibalistic Bible thumper along with his sadistic family, take Frank and Penelope on a life and death journey, where escape is just a heart-pounding breath away. It soon becomes apparent that they are not the first to endure this. But these two will either get out together or “go out” together.

- Synopsis provided by Internet Video Archive



  • Sean Patrick Flanery


  • John Thaddeus
  • Sean Patrick Flanery


  • Allen Gilmer
  • Andrew Shebay
  • Helen Hetrick
  • Jason Chilton
  • Lance Eakright
  • Scott Dolezal
  • Tom Brady
  • Van Scott Folger
  • Veronica Rushing
  • Wes Williams
  • William Shockley

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