As in this fall's Groundhog Day-gone-bloody Happy Death Day, a time loop figures into Christopher Lawrence Chapman's hospital horror film Inoperable. But unlike the invention Groundhog Day brings to every respooling of the timeline, the loop in Inoperable feels tacked-on and cheap—an excuse to squeeze a bunch of death and torture scenes out of a small cast, and a rationale for why the plot elements don't need to connect. More of a slapdash hospital-of-horrors tour than a movie, Inoperable begins with our protagonist, Amy (horror mainstay and Wild Thornberrys alum Danielle Harris), waking up in a hospital after a car accident. The hospital has been evacuated because of a hurricane (which apparently disrupted a military experiment, hence the time loop), and Amy soon discovers that the remaining staff is harvesting organs from patients, and looking to murder her, too.

Then she passes out, the timeline resets, and she reawakens and starts over. In time, she meets other people trapped with her (Jeff Denton and Katie Keene) and we get to see them die again and again before Amy passes out for another reset. With every reset, the deaths have less impact and the stakes dwindle. Who cares if Amy escapes? A better question is: Can we?


  • Christopher Lawrence Chapman


  • Danielle Harris
  • Katie Keene
  • Chris Hahn
  • Jeff Denton
  • Cher Hubsher


  • Christopher Lawrence Chapman
  • Jeff Miller

Inoperable is not showing in any theaters in the area.

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