Jesus Christ, this fucking movie. A Good Day to Die Hard and Max Payne director John Moore has updated the notorious 2006 flop Firewall for the smartphone era with I.T., and it's every bit as unpleasant as A Good Day to Die Hard and Max Payne. Wealthy industrialist Mike Regan (Pierce Brosnan) is about to launch an Uber-type app for private jets (our hero, folks!) when psychotic I.T. guy Ed (James Frecheville) uses Mike's high-tech, screens-everywhere life against him. Early indications that Ed is motivated by class issues — which, while not original, would at least be thematically apropos — are overshadowed by his boner for Mike's 17-year-old daughter the Kaitlyn (Stefanie Scott), whom director Moore leers at no less than his villain does.

Surreptitious footage of the teenager masturbating in the shower becomes a plot point, getting shown more than once, and, Jesus Christ, this fucking movie. Whatever cautionary point I.T. may be trying to make about privacy gets lost in the formulaic ugliness, and not even the constant stream of facepalm moments make it entertaining or watchable. On the plus side, the Google-proof title and upcoming feature adaptation of Stephen King's It should keep this I.T. languishing in the obscurity it deserves. (And come back, Firewall. All is forgiven.)


  • John Moore


  • Anna Friel
  • Pierce Brosnan
  • Stefanie Scott
  • Michael Nyqvist
  • James Frecheville


  • Dan Kay
  • William Wisher


  • Craig Flores
  • David Friendly
  • Beau St Clair

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