Contemporary American horror's obsession with morality and psychotherapy can really be a downer. In 2002, Gore Verbinski expertly remade the J-horror hit Ringu with a layered story about a single mother (Naomi Watts) who watches a cursed videotape. To stop the curse, the mother travels through the warped psyche of the ghost of Samara -- the long-haired, double-jointed ghoul girl in the video -- with the hope that finding the root of Samara's evil and putting her soul to rest will break the curse. Not so; sometimes evil's just evil.

You might think that lesson couldn't be learned again and again, but you would be wrong. The Ring 2 found Watts' character putting Samara back on the therapist's couch, getting the dirt on her mommy issues. And now 15 years later, Rings, directed by F. Javier Gutiérrez, goes group therapy, reimagining Samara's mother Evelyn's origins, as another young woman, Julia (Matilda Lutz), is fooled into trying to figure out why she's just so evil. Won't these women ever learn? Honestly, it's like watching liberals try to figure out Trump supporters — don't analyze, just come up with a damn plan to survive.

In this newest incarnation of The Ring, Julia's in love with her hot, young boyfriend Holt (Alex Roe), who goes off to college without her. Unfortunately for Julia, Samara's encoded a secret message into the tape, and it's up to Julia to follow the clues to release Samara from her pain. Could you imagine if the Nightmare on Elm Street series had always been about male characters trying to understand Freddy Krueger's pain?



  • F. Javier Gutiérrez


  • Johnny Galecki
  • Aimee Teegarden
  • Zach Roerig
  • Laura Wiggins
  • Alex Roe


  • Jacob Aaron Estes
  • Akiva Goldsman
  • David Loucka
  • Kôji Suzuki

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