Sabotage is vulgar. It's violent. It's profane. It's preposterous. It's deeply irresponsible and impossible to defend rationally. Q: Is it the most amusing film the Austrian Oak has been a part of since the nuclear terrorism comedy True Lies, 20 years, two terms in office, and several flops ago? A: Pretty much. This is the disreputable, even disgusting diversion the Expendables pictures should’ve been. Following a decade and change of overpixelated, PG-13-rated, danger-free blockbusters wrapped in spandex and 3D glasses or else marred by the wide-area excitement-negation field known as Vin Diesel, Sabotage, for all its missteps, still goes down like a belt of bourbon after years of sipping Diet Pepsi. Arnold Schwarzenegger's name is only about one-seventh the font size of the title on the poster -- this isn't a Schwarzenegger solo vehicle. It's a bloody-minded, testosterone-soaked team movie wherein Arnold is merely the Alpha Prime among a pack of Alphas getting picked off one by one -- just like in Predator 27 years ago, when he was only about 40. (Caught it on the Spike network lately? It holds up.) Besides Sam Worthington, Joe Manganiello, Terrence Howard, and Josh Holloway, this neck-tatted band of brothers — an elite DEA undercover squad and SWAT team who all have G.I. Joe-style nicknames like "Monster" and "Pyro" -- features Mireille Enos as a drug-addled alpha female, easily the baddest of the bunch. The writing’s not up to the direction or performances, but the movie packs surprises, plural, that its marketing campaign has somehow permitted to go unspoiled. So allow me spoil the most notable: In a movie crowded with burly dudes sporting there-oughta-be-a-law facial hair, the most intriguing, fully realized characters? The women.


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