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The Condor and The Eagle // Virtual Documentary Screening
The Condor and The Eagle // Virtual Documentary Screening

The Condor and The Eagle - Virtual Houston Premiere

The Citizens’ Environmental Coalition (CEC) and the Houston Green Film Series will host a virtual screening of the Houston Premiere of the documentary, The Condor and The Eagle, on September 30 at 6 p.m. CST. The award-winning film, The Condor and The Eagle, explores the ongoing collective climate awakening and the need for urgent change. The film features Indigenous People who are at the forefront of expanding pipeline projects that are at risk of changing their environments forever. They’re coming together to build alliances and discovering the power of their shared voices to develop a resistance strategy that stretches from Houston to South America and beyond. Much of the film is set in Houston, with a spotlight on activists Bryan Parras and Yudith Nieto who are seen working as community organizers in Manchester, a neighborhood along the Houston Ship Channel. Bryan is the Healthy Communities Organizer with Sierra Club and Co-Founder of t.e.j.a.s. A panel discussion will follow the screening. Participants have a chance to discuss the film with local experts. Activists on the panel include: Dr. Robert Bullard (the Father of environmental justice and Distinguished Professor of Urban Planning and Environmental Policy at T.S.U.), Bryan Parras (film protagonist) and Marco Garcia (Sunrise Movement Houston and U.H. student activist). Iris Gonzalez (Director of the Coalition for Environment, Equity and Resilience) will serve as moderator. Filmed over six years, the film showcases four indigenous leaders who embark on a trans-continental journey from the Canadian plains to deep into the heart of the Amazonian jungle to unify the peoples of North and South America. This film documents the stories of these four well-known Native environmental spokespeople who are at the forefront of a perspective shift in the identity of their people, from forgotten voices to strong shared communities with the power to bring change to the entire world. Their path through the jungle takes them on an unexpectedly challenging and liberating journey, which will forever change their attachment to the Earth and one another. The collected funds from ticket sales will purchase Personal Protection Equipment for community members in Manchester, a neighborhood featured in the film and often seen as the world’s most impacted community by petro-chemical industries. [Organizer's description]

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