The Harder They Fall

The Harder They Fall

Academy Award®-Winner* Humphrey Bogart stars in one of his most memorable performances as Eddie Willis, a sportswriter who joins forces with a corrupt boxing promoter named Benko (Rod Steiger). Together, they scheme to deceive Toro Moreno (Mike Lane), a clumsy, seven-foot giant, and the public into believing Moreno has a shot at the heavyweight title. Through a carefully arranged series of fixed fights, Toro is duped into believing that he is a capable contender, only to have his dreams - and his huge body - shattered when he is brutally beaten in a genuine fight with the heavyweight champion. Jersey Joe Walcott appears as Moreno's trainer, with former boxing great Max Baer as the heavyweight champ. THE HARDER THEY FALL is an intriguing film in the tradition of Bogart classics.

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  • Mark Robson


  • Humphrey Bogart
  • Rod Steiger
  • Jan Sterling
  • Mike Lane
  • Max Baer
  • Edward Andrews
  • Jersey Joe Walcott
  • Harold J. Stone
  • Carlos Montalban
  • Nehemiah Persoff
  • Felice Orlandi
  • Herbie Faye
  • Rusty Lane
  • Jack Albertson
  • Val Avery
  • Tommy Herman
  • Vinnie de Carlo
  • Pat Comiskey
  • Matt Murphy
  • Abel Fernandez
  • Marian Carr
  • Patricia Dane
  • Diana Mumby
  • Ralph Gamble
  • Mark Scott
  • Joe Herrera
  • J. Lewis Smith
  • Everett Glass
  • William Roerick
  • Lillian Culver
  • Jack Daly
  • Richard Norris
  • Don Kohler
  • Charles Tannen
  • Russ Whiteman
  • Mort Mills
  • Stafford Repp
  • Sandy Sanders
  • Emily Belser
  • Elaine Edwards
  • Tina Carver
  • Paul H. Frees
  • Frank S. Hagney
  • Tony Blankley


  • Budd Schulberg
  • Philip Yordan


  • Jerry Wald
  • Philip Yordan

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