The Identical

The Identical is Elvis slash fiction that could have been written by a spinster church organist. Its premise is intriguing: What if Jesse Presley, Elvis' twin brother who was stillborn at birth, was in fact secretly given to a traveling minister (Ray Liotta)? What happens next is shocking only in its banality. The adopted child (Noah Urrea in his youth, Blake Rayne as an adult) grows up to be a very nice boy. Somebody give this movie a peanut butter and bacon sandwich.

Of course, director Dustin Marcellino can't come out and say The Identical is about The King. Here, the rocker has been redubbed Drexel Hemsley. He's called The Dream rather than The King, which is still cooler than his long lost brother, whom Liotta's preacher man christens Ryan. That's where the feint ends. In real life star Blake Rayne is a professional Elvis impersonator in Nashville. Rayne fits the film, which is itself a cardboard cutout of a movie. All the rough edges of Elvis' life have been smoothed, but there's plenty of religion.

Instead of making Rayne suffer a tricky double role, the film shoves Drexel in the background. This is Ryan's story, and Ryan is boring. He and his drummer Dino (Seth Green) play a handful of shows and then notice that his doppelganger Drexel is burning up the charts. They look alike, sound alike, and both sing songs about boogie-woogie. Nothing much happens, other than that. The script is credited to Howard Klausner (Space Cowboys) but there's a more powerful narrator calling the shots: God. But, frankly, God makes a terrible screenwriter.



  • Dustin Marcellino


  • Ashley Judd
  • Angela Kerecz
  • Ray Liotta
  • Seth Green
  • Amanda Crew
  • Joe Pantoliano
  • Brian Geraghty
  • Danny Woodburn


  • Howard Klausner

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