The Walking Deceased (Walking with the Dead)

There's no more disposable type of comedy than the genre spoof, and no greater example of its general creative worthlessness than The Walking Deceased, an interminable 90-minute goof-off propped up by references to popular zombie-apocalypse fiction. Scott Dow's dire directorial debut charts the efforts of a bunch of unfunny characters modeled after protagonists from The Walking Dead, Zombieland, and Warm Bodies to stave off infection by the undead. Along their journey from a hospital to a mall to a remote rural farm run by a clueless elderly couple (old people, amirite?!), these doofuses make a host of puerile, sexist, and homophobic jokes while also alluding to Breaking Bad and The Hunger Games, thereby cementing the film's future status as a brainless time capsule of what was trendy at the precise moment last year when its script got approved.

Unlike its spiritual forefather Scary Movie, there's no breakout star like Anna Faris lurking amid its cast; everyone involved fails equally at garnering a laugh. By the time its survivors decide to take a break from confronting the end of the world in order to get high on weed dubbed "Hash of the Living Dead," The Walking Deceased has long since elicited more groans than a thousand zombies could muster.


  • Scott Dow


  • Tim Ogletree
  • Joey Oglesby
  • Dave Sheridan
  • Troy Ogletree
  • Sophia Taylor Ali
  • Danielle Garcia
  • Mason Dakota Galyon
  • Jacqui Holland
  • Andrew Pozza
  • Richard Lukens


  • Tim Ogletree


  • Francis Casanova
  • Philip Marlatt
  • Derek Lee Nixon
  • Tim Ogletree
  • Dave Sheridan
  • Todd Slate

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