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Alice's Tall Texan Drive Inn

4904 N. Main
Houston, TX 77009
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Alice's Tall Texan Drive Inn +

David Rozycki

Contrary to popular belief, Alice's Tall Texan sells more than just 18-ounce Shiner and Lone Star beers in giant fishbowl-shaped goblets. Although those two drinks are popular choices among many patrons, no doubt, the bar also serves a number of domestic beers in bottles as well as a handful of Mexican imports and Gallo wines. Setups are also available if you'd prefer to bring in your own bottle of wine or a bottle of liquor. The old jukebox packed with classic country favorites for many years has now been replaced with an Internet model, but have no fear, when we visited on a recent afternoon the regulars still played those old-time favorites. (The Tall Texan's large Hispanic clientele also likes to play salsa, Tejano, and norteño as well, which was not available on the old jukebox.) This neighborhood bar is a very friendly, welcoming place no matter your background or age; don't be surprised if strangers offer to buy you beers all night. There is a table by the jukebox where patrons bring in food to share with everyone in the bar, you can help yourself to it or bring in food for yourself if you like. Alice still runs the place and is very nice, just don't upset her by putting your feet up on her tables. And guys, she does not permit sleeveless shirts in her place.

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