Aunique Ranch

Every Friday and Saturday evening in October Aunique Ranch will be hosting tours of the Frightening Forest. Lots of Family Fun! At Dusk (gates open at 6 pm) take a ride on the Magical Wizard Wagon (JLP Carriage Company) or the Conjuring Caravan (Kubota pulling Trailer) to visit the Frightening Forest. Witches, Ghost, Skeletons and other fearful woodland creatures would love to have you visit. While awaiting your Frightening Forest tour stop by the Tent of Terror for a round of Pumpkin Putt Putt, or a jog through the Monstrous Maze, and don’t forget to try your hand at the Evil Eye bounce. Don’t forget to stop by Heather’s Hex Apothecary for that love potion or eye of newt refill.