Looking for the best salon experience? We provides three specific treatments designed to target three common problems that prevent hair from growing healthy. Choose from an assortment of treatments infused with essential oils, proteins, and anti-oxidant or combine all three for real spa experience. Also we offer color correction, Balayage, Keratin Treatment and Extensions. Prefer we bring the salon to you? We have successfully delivered our mobile services to large groups as well as small parties. Whether it is providing our services in hospitals, to clients in the privacy of their own homes, or to brides before their ceremonies, we are dedicated to meeting your needs. Unlike many salons we are equipped with unique procedures and progressive methods to accommodate the special and sometimes challenging situation of onsite services. We are able (with doctor's consent) to provide services for those on bed rest or with limited mobility. For those who have under gone tracheotomies or who may have had surgeries, special care is exercise to ensure that your risks of infections are reduced. We comply with all sterilization and sanitation guidelines established by the state of Texas. If you are in isolation or at risk for severe infections we ask that you share this information with us when scheduling your services.