Black Hill Ranch

Cajun, pork and farm to table enthusiasts are invited to attend Lache Pas Boucherie Houston at Black Hill Ranch on Sunday, March 20. Throughout the day guests will learn more about this unique aspect of Cajun culture through butchering and cooking demos while sampling various dishes prepared by top Houston chefs and the Lache Pas Boucherie et Cuisine team. Samplings include hams, boudin blanc and noir, back-bone stew, cracklins, ribs, shoulder, frasseurs, grattons and more. Local participating chefs include: · Chef Danny Trace – Brennan’s · Chef Graham Laborde – Bernadine’s · Chef Michael Nutt – Brasserie Max & Julie · Chef Greg Lowry · Chef Peter Garcia – El Meson · Chef Jordan Asher – Ritual The Lache Pas Boucherie Houston is an event to celebrate and showcase a long standing tradition of South Louisiana, boucherie. Boucherie is a community-oriented affair to harvest an animal; due to the intensive labor involved in butchery, a farmer would call upon family, friends and neighbors to assist in the task. After a full day’s work a celebration follows with food and drink – both of which will be offered at the event. Another distinct aspect of Boucherie is the majority of the meat butchered is processed with the intent of preservation – not a single aspect of the animal will be wasted. The event’s focus is to demonstrate and teach Boucherie tradition, allowing guests to experience a personal connection to their food source and gain more knowledge about the ever growing farm to table movement.