Commonwealth - CLOSED - Closed

4601 Washington, #130
Houston, Texas
At its best, Commonwealth is inventive and fun. Dishes have French, Cajun and Asian touches, in no small part influenced by the backgrounds of chef Michael Lee Sanguinetti and pastry chef Kelly Alsobrook. Speaking of pastry, the desserts are not to be missed, including snowy­ white pavlova adorned with half of a pear poached with brandy and brittle­en-crusted hazelnuts. There are two issues plaguing Commonwealth, though. The first is that the creativity doesn’t always result in a good end product, as is the case with a chicken­ fried steak battered in polenta. The second is a real problem in sending meats out of the kitchen that aren’t dry and overdone or half-­raw. Still, the good points are tantalizing enough to be memorable and worth visiting for, including impeccably crispy with head-­on prawns and a generous charcuterie platter replete with squares of a toasty foie gras sandwich.

Price range: ­ $$­$$$$

Parking: Garage

Attire: Casual or Business Casual

Payment Types: All

Alcohol: Full bar

Outdoor seating: Yes

Reservations: Yes

Cuisine Type: New American

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