Dak & Bop

Dak & Bop is attractive, hip and so sleek it would be easy to turn it into a franchise operation that does for Korean fried chicken what Chipotle did for burritos. That said, there are some compelling flavors to be found, including the sweet and savory tug of soy garlic, the mildest of the wings, or the Sriracha honey­lime’s tangy push of citrus against deeper, underlying warming spices. Some of the most successful food at Dak & Bop delves into the flavors of Mexico, like the gorgeous ­style corn­on­the­cob and the with thick chunks of roasted pork moistened with dabs of citrus aioli and . Skip the mediocre cocktails in favor of a pint of one of the many craft beers. Beer goes better with hot wings, anyway. Full bar and outdoor seating available. Casual attire. $ - $$