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Photo by Troy Fields

Eleven:Eleven Restaurant & Bar

Photo by Troy Fields
Situated on the northern border between Montrose and Midtown, Eleven: Eleven seems out of place. It's an upscale dining restaurant with playful interpretations of classic dishes frequented by people who look like they belong in River Oaks. And yet it works. The seafood/Southern/wild game restaurant manages to produce something to please anyone and everyone - from the perfectly braised short ribs to the raw oysters to the decadent brunch offerings. Chef Kevin Bryant and house manager Joe Welborn developed some of the menu items together, and though the decor is muted and reserved, the food and cocktail lists reflect the duo's mischievous approach to cooking. Why not serve an open-faced foie gras sandwich for lunch? Who wouldn't like fried candy bars for dessert? More than 30 different types of raw oysters on the menu? We can do that! It's this attitude about dining that makes Eleven: Eleven not only fun and delicious, but also a place you'll want to return to again and again.