Montrose pop-up art show and performance art exhibition Houston artist to explore the surreal side of the enchanted life of bees Houston, TX May 18, 2016: To the left, to the left, Beyoncé! Another “king bee” will invade the Bayou City hive on May 20th. Gay Mexican artist Ernesto Guerra and his new series of pop-surrealist, Elizabethan-inspired portraits will get in formation at F Bar to proudly present “Enchanted Hive.” The award-winning venue will sponsor the event from 5-8 p.m. The multimedia art show will use audiovisual elements and performance art to explore the delicate balance of life through the eyes of Guerra’s feminine subjects and the bees which accompany them—quiet vehicles of metaphysical and societal exploration. The show is also a social commentary on Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), the phenomenon commonly used to explain the disappearance of honey bees, as well as a personal meditation on what life requires of us as we ascend our respective thrones in the name of duty, purpose, fate or the fulfillment of destiny. F Bar is located at 202 Tuam Street. This is a free event. All are welcome to attend.