Photo by Troy Fields

Fieldings Local Kitchen + Bar

Photo by Troy Fields
Sometimes, the most charming, pleasant things are found in unexpected places. Such is the case with Fielding’s Local Kitchen + Bar, located technically in a newly developed area of Tomball, but on the borderline of The Woodlands. It’s the second endeavor for the owners of Fielding’s Wood Grill. Where the first location is focused on burgers, ribs and other lowbrow delights, the aim of Fielding’s Local Kitchen is higher. The menu is predominantly Italian but with a good deal of French technique at work. There’s an ambitious charcuterie program that doesn’t disappoint and some fine, dry-aged steaks (that are probably better when seasoned. Ours, unfortunately, was not.). Food is astutely executed and not needlessly complicated. Well-charred , or octopus, has all the help it needs from a swath of garlicky sauce and a side of frilly, sautéed green onions. Fish, seared hot and fast to a crispy exterior and moist interior, is exceptional here. An especially fine example is the flounder bathed in silky, luxurious Hollandaise sauce on top of smashed fingerling potatoes Service is outstanding, with genuine concern for customers, and the knowledgeable servers are likely to guide wine lovers to outstanding values.


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