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Photo by Chuck Cook

Foreign Correspondents

Photo by Chuck Cook
Foreign Correspondents is the northern Thai-focused outpost of the growing Treadsack restaurant group empire. Though former fishmonger-to-the-stars PJ Stoops has his name on the place, the food is truly a collaborative effort between Stoops and his wife, Apple, whom he met and married while on a three-year stint cooking in northern Thailand. Their teamwork results in dishes that sparkle with bright, evocative flavors and thrilling textures. Chilies, lime, fish sauce, garlic, ginger, galangal and a gaggle of herbs. There are also beguilingly simple offerings, like a pair of chicken dishes, one grilled and one fried, focusing on the simple pleasures of a well-prepared bird. A handful of set menu options — aimed at parties of two, four and six but plentiful enough to feed a few more each — helps diners run through the menu in Thai fashion, spreading the meal across a tumble of shared plates. It’s one unexpected hit after another, with leftovers a likely (happy) ending to the meal. Foreign Correspondents offers a smart, Thai-food-friendly wine list from beverage director Travis Hinkle and compelling cocktails from bar director Leslie Ross. Order more food than you need and share it with a bunch of friends.