GAGE Lounge

David Rozycki
The name of this new colorful Midtown lounge, GAGE, is an acronym that stands for Grape, Agave, Grain and Earth. Grape represents the extensive wine choices available here; Agave and Grain represents the cocktails created with agave nectar, bitters and herbs; and Earth represents the variety of food selections available. They take their mixology very seriously here, but at the same time, cocktails like the “Funicello Crusher,” a mixed-berry cocktail named in honor of beach-party movie star Annette Funicello, and the “Raspberry Beret,” a variation on the kamikaze named after the classic Prince song and made with fresh-pressed raspberries, deliver a sense of nostalgic fun to patrons. The decor is inspired by fashion trends and interior design from the '60s through late '80s, and music and videos from these periods are played here as well. The food is restaurant-quality, with some of the current favorites being the Texas Brisket Panini and the Smoked Salmon Plate.