Houston Just Rolling Skate Center

Houston Just Rolling opened its doors in fall of 2016. We come from a family of avid skaters, and we wanted to do something to share our love of roller-skating with our friends and neighbors in the community. We are proud to carried on the family skating legacy and to provide great customer service to our community and the world. We pride ourselves on building relationships with everyone who comes through the door, and skating together is a great way to hear from all of you! This helps us provide a level of customer service that’s truly unique among Houston skating rinks. We’re here to serve the Houston community by providing somewhere fun and safe where skaters of all ages can relax, have fun, and practice their skating skills. We’ll happily lend our time, skills, and fundraising capabilities to service organizations in Houston. We are here to serve the community with the best hospitality in our 30,000 Sq. Ft facility.