JoMar Vision Studios

Founded in May 2010, JoMar Visions spanned the areas of service from photography, graphic design, fine art representation of the founders' fine art, husband and wife team Joana Esteves and Mark Roden; growing quickly to other areas of supporting the Houston Art Community and giving chances to artists that otherwise might find difficult to find venues to exhibit/perform their works. The hosting of art events and representation and support of other artists started with Houston ArtCrawl 2010 as part of Hardy & Nance Studios, jump starting the many incredible events that JoMar Visions enthusiastically continues to organize, focusing on other hidden emerging talents and also well known established names within the art community. JoMar Visions was awarded best Houston Art gallery 2014 and 2015 by the A-list voters. "JoMar Visions was born from wanting to see beauty and happiness in people's lives, from wanting to see dreams into reality. Whether they are our photography clients or the artists we represent, the people involved in the events we organize, the musicians and even the bartenders or any of our guests and art patrons, we try to make dreams come true and bring beauty into people's lives." After 5 years running from another studios building, the JoMar Visions team has finally made a dream come true and has got now its own studios and gallery building in a great location at the Houston Northwest Crossing area. We are currently located at 5247 and 5249 Langfield Rd. in Houston and welcome anyone to come see our beautiful art space.