Dawn McGee

Kelley's Country Cooking

Dawn McGee
Kelley's Country Cookin' is, perhaps more than anything else, famous for its ungodly huge portions. You'd better hope country cookin' is your thing, because you are going to be getting tons and tons of it. Featuring traditional country-style/greasy-spoon faresuch as steak, fried chicken, hamburgers, BLTs and a "Texas-Sized" chicken-fried steak big enough to cover most of your table, Kelley's is also famous for their house gravy? just make sure you ask for the "house" or "yellow" gravy so they don't bring you the glue-and-pepper flavored stuff they keep on hand for ignorant Yankees who don't know no better. Kelley's also has an extensive breakfast menu, which they serve all day, and whose portions are just as giant as the dinner menu. To surmise, here's all you need to know about Kelley's: they serve a salad with a mound of chicken fried steak strips atop it, and dressing is your choice of ranch, bleu cheese, Thousand Island or gravy. Buckle up.

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