Photo by Robb Walsh

Kings Chicken Tandoori Cuisine

Other than the name, the new Kings Chicken Tandoori Cuisine doesn’t have much in common with its prior incarnation on Beechnut. Gone are the halal pizzas, but in their place is a classy and very traditional Punjabi restaurant hidden in an old strip center in dire need of a fresh paint job. It doesn’t seem like a bad tradeoff. Except for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, the food is served buffet-style and at $10.99 or $11.99 per person, it’s a fabulous value. As one might expect, there’s quite a good iteration of the namesake dish, tandoori chicken. Moist on the inside with just the right amount of char on the outside, it will make guests fall in love with the smoky classic all over again. The brunch buffet on Saturday and Sunday mornings is when the real treasures are found, like the paya made with beef trotters and a plethora of spices that creates an impossibly thick, silky curry gravy that’s perfect for dipping delicate, crispy naan. There’s no booze and no BYOB allowed. Sorry, buddy. Just drink your water and eat your food.