Photo by Troy Fields

Le' Pam's House of Creole

Photo by Troy Fields
Le’ Pam’s is a modest Creole café both in environment and price. There’s a steam table and up front and a Mardi Gras-themed dining room off to the side all adorned in purple and gold. It’s hard to say what’s more charming—the food or the service. The menu changes daily, but chef-owner Pamela Graham will enthusiastically guide guests to good choices. People who prefer gumbos with dark roux might not pick her brothy version as their favorite, but the seafood version is chock-full of fresh shrimp, crab and andouille sausage. Crabmeat is a highlight of the stuffed, thoroughly baked green bell peppers, where it’s mixed with lean ground beef and shrimp. The succulent, saucy oxtail over rice is fatty, decadent and the pepper sauce-spiked greens and okra with stewed tomatoes are perfect to order alongside.

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