Mardi Gras! Galveston Z Krewe Balcony

Be among the cool kids of Z Krewe and buy your all-inclusive tickets to the best Mardi Gras balcony parties! Tickets are on sale now for both weekends. Our corner balcony is among the largest balconies available and in a great location. Tickets start at $100 and include: A full open bar with premium liquor during Saturday Parties Water, coffee, and soft drinks DJ and dancing Dinner and all-day snacks Entrance to the Strand Entertainment District Guaranteed time on the balcony Clean restrooms (no porta-potties) Beads for sale You can't beat the fun for the price. There are even options for VIP packages that include bead pickup at the balcony and extra swag. Get your tickets today - they will sell out, it's just a matter of when! Tickets online at!