Photo by Troy Fields

Moderno Tacos & Tex-Mex

Photo by Troy Fields
Moderno Tacos + Tex Mex occupies a light, airy space in a nondescript strip mall on the western side of Beltway 8. Decked out in gentle washed­out tones of blue and brown, with accents of Mexican tile in complementary colors lining the bar, it’s a comfortably sleek space. The menu sticks closely to Tex­Mex and Mexican favorites, competently cooked even though there are a few shaky spots in execution. Highlights come in the form of supporting characters, with admirable flour tortillas and excellent refried beans rounding out many of the plates. Margaritas are top­notch and there are a handful of truly excellent tequilas available to incorporate into them (or, just sip the tequila straight). If you prefer a less­sweet take, be sure to say something to the bartender, as the drinks tend to lean in that direction. While Moderno doesn’t have all the kinks worked out yet, there’s enough promise to suggest that it might become Houston’s west side answer for where to go for a plate of enchiladas and a good margarita.

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