Moving Sidewalk +

David Rozycki

This new downtown cocktail bar is named after a band that Billy Gibbons was in before ZZ Top; Billy even stopped by on a recent night to check the place out, according to a bartender we spoke with. The name also reflects the sidewalk out in front on Main near Congress, which has become very busy with all of the bars opening up in the area. Moving Sidewalk serves a selection of wine and beer, but the main attraction is the specialty handcrafted cocktails, like the Ana Nicole Smith, aka the White Lady that finishes as a Corpse Reviver (yes, they went there). This drink is two cocktails in one, as the name implies, with the Corpse Reviver frozen into the bottom of the glass with liquid nitrogen, and the White Lady made on top of it so that the White Lady indeed revives the corpse below as you drink it. Dark humor aside, this is a really tasty cocktail, among many others made here.

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